2017 IT Recruitment Half Yearly Market Update

Happy 2018 all and welcome to our half yearly IT recruitment market update for 2017 where we take a market snapshot, positions we saw in demand across the IT industry and news. The 2nd half of 2017 finished with a flourish with demand right across our client base where we had SAP, Testing, Systems Analysts, Development, Infrastructure, Architecture and Digital Strategy placements across Healthcare, Prop Trading, Buy Side Funds Management, Global Markets Banking, Insurance, Digital Consulting and Workplace Health and Safety – you can view a list of our 2017 successful engagements here – https://kapitalconsulting.com.au/2017successful-engagements/

As an approved supplier to the NSW Government Contingent Hire, we have seen much demand for our recruitment solutions and will see more demand throughout 2018 as more projects kick off in Q1 and Q2

Clients are looking for a good balance of contractors vs perm/FTE in their teams and would say we still in a candidate driven market where there is high demand for very niche skills and many tech staff tending to stay in their current positions as it seems there are projects and business critical initiatives happening across many industries and the rise of FinTech start-ups continues to put pressure on candidate supply.

Hot areas for us at the moment are across RPA, AI and Machine Learning with our clients across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and as a result have hired Angela Kivell to lead this area for us so if you need resources in this space or looking for a move into RPA, then please reach out to her directly.

Another hot area continues to be the need for SAP resources at all levels across (HR, Payroll and Financials) with ECC6, HANA S4 and SuccessFactors as we have multiple roles current and coming up in this space for key Change and Transformation programs across a wide client base in this area for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

New Clients: We have picked up a number of new Tech Startup clients and an additional Insurance client who have been and will continue to actively hire throughout Q1 2018.

As always we are actively recruiting across a number of IT roles and across a wide client base so if you on the lookout for a change in career in 2018 or looking for that next hire for your team, then please reach out to us on 02 8070 7222, we always here to assist where we can

Till next time!